About Leah


Leah was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Big Red!).  Leah is the daughter of Russ and Geralyn Marr who still reside in Lincoln.  Leah has one younger sister, Lauren, who is finishing up her senior year at Texas Christian University.  Leah's mother is a teacher, but Leah hopped to pursue a different career.  Little did Leah know, fate had different plans.   

Leah studied journalism at Drake University, and while there she developed a passion for youth empowerment.  Upon graduation, Leah wanted to continue to pursue service work with youth so she did a year with AmeriCorps working for a non-profit in Los Angeles.  While there, a friend introduced Leah to Teach For America, who's mission paralleled her interests.  Leah became a fifth grade English teacher with Teach For America in Kansas City.  While there she received a master's of education at Rockhurst University and met Brian.  After Teach For America, Leah stayed in Kansas City and taught for a third year before Brian convinced her to move to North Carolina.  Leah now resides in Durham where she teaches second grade.       

About Brian


Brian was born and raised in the booming metropolis of Jacksonville, Illionis.  Brian is the son of Big Bill and Jo Anderson who still call Jacksonville home.  Brian has three older sisters (moms) who are all married and starting families of their own: Alicia, Erika, and Sara Kate.  Both of his parents were teachers and coaches, and the apple didn't fall from the tree.  As a result, athletics and education were very foundational in Brian's life.  He played every sport imaginable growing up, but settled on football and basketball in high school.  

His passions met opportunity when he was given the chance to study and play football at Princeton University.  After studying political economics and playing quarterback, Brian became a middle school math teacher through Teach For America in Kansas City.  While there, he also earned a master's of education at Rockhurst University and met Leah.  After Teach For America, Brian moved to Durham, North Carolina where he currently works in Duke University's Athletic Department as an Academic Coordinator.   


How we met

Leah and Brian met during the summer of 2009 in Kansas City while beginning their work with Teach For America.  The two became close friends during their first few months of Teach For America as they hung out in the same group of friends.  Their friendship grew through playing soccer with other Teach For America corps members each Saturday, through arduously long lesson planning sessions, and through weekend BBQs at Brian's place.  Brian built up the nerve to ask Leah to be his girlfriend just before their second year of teaching.  While neither of them remember the actual date this took place, the end of July 2010 seems to be the safest bet.

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